A Note from a Jim Griffin, a long time fan

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This message was sent via text to Michelle intended for the Golden Nugget.  We thought it was very cool and wanted to share not only with the Golden Nugget, but with all of those who take the time to stop by our site.  We love getting your feedback, so please feel free to stop by our remotes, and/or share your thoughts in person, anytime.  And a very special thanks to Jim Griffin, a long time fan of Ken Thomson and SportSXRadio.

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Much Oblige www.GoldNugget.com/lasvegas …… stopped by Ken Thomson’s broadcast and got the royal treatment ….. been listening to Ken for yrs….he always gives a shout out to current and former servicemen and women…..despite being in different sister services USAF (career military officer) and USN he’s a true patriot!….. not only that, he was “all over” my beloved alma mater Villanova Wildcats when they won the NCAA Basketball Championship last March! having met Ken tonight for the first time, must say have a different “view” of him as I thought he was much shorter than he is….. and I reasoned it’s because he’s either sitting down in booth OR photo’d with basketball players or boxers…..he must go at least 6’3″/4″…. surprise! In any event, please relay to management that sponsoring Ken’s how is definitely in your best interest….he was so gracious in giving me (a complete stranger) a “shout out” on his sports show over the airwaves, I was touched by his sincerity and willingness to take the candid snapshot above…there is no one in the sports information more prepared, skillful and artful as Ken Thomson – Jim Griffin ( Golden Nugget guest, December 2, 2016)



  • Ken Thomson said on Jan 28, 2017 10:25 am

    People like Jim Griffin keep me going…..thank you God for everything including my awesome, loyal audience at SportsXradio!!!

  • Randy Venneri said on Aug 23, 2017 3:19 pm

    Sure do miss you big guy.
    I’m in vegas for a few days …
    Wednesday night & Thursday 23-24th
    Lot to catch up on 👍
    I’m still in the desert and hope you’re doing well my brother.
    God bless you!

    • Ken Thomson said on Aug 24, 2017 4:49 pm

      call me 702-340-3659

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